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“Proof” updated version.


I am both scared and excited


Or the Utah Cave Painting resembling the TARDIS~

These always make me feel so happy.

EDIT: Okay, I’m bored and in a writing mood. Enjoy. Or not. Your choice, really.

If the Doctor had seen the number of attendees at his funeral, he would have shed a tear or two (humany-wumany). Humans stood together with Ood, Hath, Silurians, Sontaran, Catkind amongst others. It had been decided that his ashes would be buried on the planet that he loved with all of his two hearts. We stayed by his grave the entire night, exchanging stories of that incredible man, whose name was spread and written amongst the stars. Mr. McCartney fished out a picture from his pocket and passed it ‘round, showing the back of that funny old head in one of their band rehearsals. He hadn’t known it was the Doctor, believing the strange man to be some sort of unpaid intern. Funny man. Wonderful stories.

One of the archaeologists (an apprentice of the late Professor Song’s) told of a wondrous cave painting in Utah, depicting the mysterious blue box that everyone remembers seeing from the corner of their eyes. It’s always there, like a friend that exists only in the mind. Like the funny man within her walls, adventure always waiting round the next bend.

It was one of the only times in history that the planet Earth hosted an intergalactic event. Perhaps something must end for something else to begin. It sounds like something he would have said. Don’t worry. There’s something good that’s going to come out of this.

I think what I want to say, Doctor…what we all want to say is thank you. Thank you for sharing the stars with us. Thank you for everything you taught us. Thank you for everything that you have given us and thank you thank you thank you for teaching us that there is something extraordinary within us all. We may all be beaten up blue boxes of promises on the outside, but we are in fact, extraordinary.

Thank you, Doctor.


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#Lestrade reminds me of that sarcastic single father #always poking his nose into his teenage son’s business #like #Dad why are you in my room what are you DOING #….IT’S A DRUGS BUST #DAD I DON’T DO DRUGS OMG #I know but you’ve been really standoffish lately and coming home late #and last night you brought home a pink suitcase #Son I’d love you no matter what but I’d appreciate it if you didn’t hide things from me #Dad omg Dad stop JOHN IS OVER omg #and on all of the first dates Lestrade takes them to the side #and is all try not to punch him #he’s my son okay and I know he can be hard to handle but #don’t punch him #or hurt him #if you do I will arrest you #you little fucker #HA HA HA I’m kidding I’m sure you’re great #and when the date didn’t work out #DAD THEY DUMPED ME #well don’t commit suicide #omg Dad omg I can’t #Or when the kid is younger and wants to know what sex is #NOT MY DIVISION ASK YOUR MOTHER #but Dad- #ASK YOUR MOTHER can’t talk I am busy #/shoves doughnut in mouth #And when later on his kid is an adult and announces they’re getting married #OH MY GOD REALLY?! #Dad…

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